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Badland Girls: Destiny does On The Spot ›

Filmed in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska! 

No new episode of Badland Girls yet this week, because we’ve been surprisingly busy. We’ll keep you posted. In the mean time, in order to do October right, we want you to send us your scary stories, horror movie recommendations, and other spoopy/creppy things that we can share on air! Feel free to comment here, email us at badlandgirls at gmail dot com, or contact us by way of ouija board. <3

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"In the last 20 years of my life, I’ve been using something unrecognizable. I’ve been acting for 20 years and I’ve gone unnoticed"

Doug Jones.


This man is supposedly going to play The Operator, or The Slenderman, in the movie adaptation of Marble Hornets

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There you go.


truthfully, I thought it’d be fun to hunt them down one-by-one and it kinda was. SOME WERE SO F*CKING DIFFICULT TO FIND THO AFJADLKFJADSFJ but yeah, I like a good challenge so it was fun, lord do I have a ton of new shows to check out urmg yah I know I’m BATSHIT CRAY btw I added a few of them dunno why they were not listed nyuu

Original post was here: http://chiibinomonodamon.tumblr.com/post/96228603534/kawaiibunny3-every-main-character-magical-girl

Jeezus christ man XD Even I wasn’t that ambitious, and I made the original. You even made fun color-coded bars for the year.

curious to why you decided to add in some magical girlfriend/harem shows, but whatever, hats off to you my friend. Enjoy your weekend

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Badland Girls: Episode 98: Strip and Fall ›

This week, Rhea and Destiny get hype about the fact that Halloween is coming and talk about some of their spoopy/creppy October plans. We also go into a discussion of the horror youtube series, Marble Hornets, so we suggest you check that out! There’s also quite a few non-scary tangents about stuff like middle school, anime, and Taylor Swift. By the way, if you have any scary stories, games, movies, etc. you’d like to share or recommend, we’d like that lots! So send an email or comment or something!

Badland Girls: Episode 97: Spoopy ›

This week, Rhea and Destiny talk about their favorite movie and TV scores! We also read an email from our bae, lament on the lost potential of Prometheus, and get a little TMI when it comes to that dreamboat, James Spader.

Title: I Wanna Be Your Dog Artist: The Stooges 397 plays

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ぱんだ | m@かにかま下さい [pixiv]

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