Episode 6: Joey Ramone Rosary

This week, the Badland Girls talk about the things scare them, fact, fiction, and giant isopods. DON’T LISTEN TO THIS ONE ALONE. Number of “fucks” in this week’s episode: 55

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Spoiler alert for the following films:

No Country for Old Men

X-Men First Class (comics)

Corrections: That Michael Keaton movie that Destiny couldn’t remember the name of was called Gung Ho. That creepy parasite that makes rats into “zombies” is called Toxoplasma gondii. Rhea accidentally said the last Creepshow segment in the 1st film was the one that creeped her out, but she meant the 4th segment. "The Hum" was actually reported in Taos, New Mexico and not Arizona as Destiny said. The newish exorcism movie is called The Devil Inside. BFRO stands for Bigfoot Research Organization. Alien Big Cats (ABCs) are only seen in Britain, and known as British Big Cats, so Destiny should have mentioned the general name for them is phantom cats (see link section below.)

Relevant Links:

Deep-sea gigantism

Island gigantism

giant wetas

"zombie" ants of Brazil

Joe Bob Briggs

Cracked’s Scientific Explanations for Ghost Sightings

Unsolved Mysteries TV opening from the 1990s

Mike the Headless Chicken

Gef the Talking Mongoose

Douglas County Bigfoot sighting (You can also read about other Bigfoot sightings here.)

Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train” video (US version) and the backstory behind it

Rookie Mag’s John Waters photoshoot

pop culture prayer candles

Pop culture rosaries

Bill Hinzman in Night of the Living Dead

Bill Hinzman Obituary in the Chicago-Sun Times

Alien Big Cats and Phantom Cats

If you are in a girl band, send orignal songs or girl band cover song mp3s to mrsnoggle at yahoo dot com. Here is her Etsy shop.

Information on the “Hearse Song” sang at the end of the episode.

Fucking books:

Just After Sunset by Stephen King

Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf

Encyclopedia of Monsters by Daniel Cohen

Here’s that photo from Weeping Water, NE:

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